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Report Creation Workflow

Approaches for Creating Reports

You can create and generate reports:

  • Programmatically, using the Report API and DOM (Document Object Model) API

  • Interactively, using the Report Explorer

You can use the Report Explorer graphical interface to create reports without having to write code.

Using either approach, you can integrate report generation into analysis and testing applications.

Programmatic Report Generation

  1. Create a report object using

  2. Add preformatted reporter objects to the report, such as a title page, table of contents, and chapters. Reporter objects use default templates, which you do not need to create or edit to use the reporters. See Programmatic Report Creation

  3. Add content to and, if desired, customize the formatting of each reporter object.

  4. Add the reporters to the report.

  5. To add objects not provided in the Report API or for advanced formatting, add DOM API objects to the report. See Create and Format Report Objects

  6. Generate the report.

See the Create a MATLAB Report Interactively example.

Interactive Report Generation

  1. Open the Report Explorer.

  2. Create a report setup file. For details about report setups, see Report Setup.

  3. Add content by adding to the report setup file existing components or custom components that you create. For details about using components, see Work with Components.

  4. Use Microsoft® Word, HTML, or PDF templates to format reports. For details about templates, see Report Templates.

  5. Generate the report. See Generate Reports.

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