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Inline content hole reporter


Reporter that other reporters use to fill inline holes in their templates. Reporters have methods that return instances of this object. Using these object instances, you can customize the format of the content used to fill the holes in their templates. For example, for TitlePage reporter, the getTitleReporter method returns the instance that the TitlePage reporter uses to fill the TitlePageTitle hole in its template. To customize the title format, specify a custom template for the InlineContent reporter returned by the getTitleReporter method.


Reporters create instances of this object. You do not need to create this object yourself.


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Name of hole to be filled by this reporter, specified as a string.

Content of hole to be filled by this reporter, specified as one of these values:

  • String or character array

  • DOM object

  • 1-by-N or N-by-1 array of strings or DOM objects

  • 1-by-N or N-by-1 cell array of strings, character arrays, and/or DOM objects

Introduced in R2017b

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