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Insert paragraph text into report


This component inserts a paragraph into the report. The paragraph text is taken from a child text component, or from text that you enter in the Paragraph Text field.

Title Options

  • No paragraph title(default): Specifies no title for the paragraph.

  • Get title from first child : Gets the title of the paragraph from its first child component, which should be a Text component.

  • Custom title: Specifies a custom title for the paragraph.

Paragraph Text

Enter paragraph text into this field. If the Paragraph component has child components, the paragraph content is taken from the child components; otherwise, the Paragraph component inserts text from this field. If the Paragraph component does not have any child components and you do not enter any text into this field, nothing appears in the report.

Use the %<VariableName> notation in this field if you want to insert the value of a variable from the MATLAB® workspace. For more details about this notation, see %<VariableName> Notation on the Text component reference page.


  • Bold: Makes the text bold.

  • Italic: Makes the text italic.

  • Underline: Underlines the text.

  • Strikethrough: Strikes through the text.

  • Retain spaces and carriage returns: Formats text in the report in the same way as it is entered.

  • Show text as syntax-highlighted MATLAB code: Displays the text as syntax-highlighted MATLAB code.

  • Color: Specifies the color of the text.

    • Select a color from a list of colors.

    • Enter %<expr>.

    • Enter an RGB (truecolor) value as #RRGGBB. For example, #0000ff is a shade of blue.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, depending on child components.



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