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MATLAB Code and Results Presentation

You can use the MATLAB® Report Generator™ to create reports for sharing your MATLAB code and presenting the results of the code.

In addition, MATLAB provides several methods for presenting MATLAB code and results, including:

MATLAB enables you to publish your MATLAB code quickly, so that you can describe and share your code with others, even if they do not have MATLAB software. You can publish in various formats, including HTML, XML, and LaTeX. If Microsoft® Word or Microsoft PowerPoint® applications are on your Microsoft Windows® system, you can publish to their formats as well.

On Windows platform, you can use the notebook command to create a Microsoft Word document that contains text, MATLAB commands, and the output from MATLAB commands. The document is a record of an interactive MATLAB session annotated with text or a document embedded with live MATLAB commands and output.

To compare the MATLAB tools for presenting MATLAB code and results and MATLAB Report Generator, see Options for Presenting Your Code.

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