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Report Components

Types of Report Components

Components are MATLAB® objects that specify the content of a report. The MATLAB Report Generator™ provides a set of components for specifying the types of content that commonly occur in MATLAB-based reports. The Simulink® Report Generator provides additional components to facilitate generation of reports from Simulink models. You can also create custom components to handle content specific to your application.

Using the Report Explorer, you can interactively combine components to create a report setup (see Report Setup) that specifies the content of a particular report or type of report. You can then run the setup from the Report Explorer or the MATLAB command line to create instances of the report.

Use a combination of the following types of components in your report setup file, based on the goals for the report.

Type of ComponentDescription
Report Structure Components

Include a title page, chapters, sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, and other standard document structure elements.

Table Formatting Components

Organize generated content into tables.

Property Table Components

Display tables with property name/property value pairs for objects.

Summary Table Components

Display tables with specified properties for objects.

Logical and Looping Components

Run child components a specified number of times. There are several looping components, including logical loops and Handle Graphics® loops.

Use the Report Explorer to add components to a report setup file and to specify component properties.

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