Report Structure Components

Use report structure components to organize the content of your report into chapters, sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, and other standard document structure elements. The following table summarizes the report structure components.

Title PageGenerate a title page for a report.
Chapter/SubsectionParent components that generate the content of a chapter or chapter subsection.
ParagraphSpecify the content and text format of a paragraph of text. Can serve as the parent of one or more text components, enabling use of multiple text formats (for example, bold, regular, or italic) in the same paragraph.
TextFormat strings of generated text.
ListGenerate a list from a cell array of numbers or strings or parent components (for example, Paragraph components) that specify the items in a list. You can create multilevel lists by embedding list components within list components.
LinkGenerate a hyperlink from one location in a report to another or to an external location on the user's file system or the Worldwide Web.
ImageInsert an image into a report.
Array-Based TableGenerate a table from a cell array of numbers or strings.
TableParent a table body component. See Table Formatting Components.

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