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Create a Report Setup File

To set up the magic squares report, first create a setup file to store the setup. Then add MATLAB® objects, called components, to the setup to specify the report content.

To create the report setup file:

  1. Start a MATLAB software session.

  2. Open the Report Explorer. From the MATLAB Toolstrip, in the Apps tab, in the Database Connectivity and Reporting section, click Report Generator.

  3. Select File > New to create a report setup file. The new report setup has the default name Unnamed.rpt.

  4. In the Properties pane on the right:

    1. To save the report in the current working folder, select Present working directory from the Directory list.

    2. Set File format to HTML (from template) to generate the report output as HTML. Using the (from template) option creates the report table of contents in a format that you can expand and collapse.

    3. In the Report description text box, replace the existing text with the following text.

      This report creates a series of magic squares
      and displays them as images.
      A magic square is a matrix in which the 
      columns, rows, and diagonal all add up to the 
      same number.

      Note:   When you change a Properties pane field, its background color changes. This indicates that there are unapplied changes to that field. As soon as you perform any action with another component, MATLAB Report Generator™ applies the changes, and the background color becomes white again.

  5. Save your report. Select File > Save As and name your report setup file magic_squares.rpt.

    The new file name appears in the Outline pane.

To create the content for the report, see Add Report Content Using Components.

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