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Stop Report Generation

Halt report generation


This component acts like Stop during report generation. You can use this component inside an if/then statement by using Logical and Flow Control components to halt the report-generation process when the specified condition is true. When report generation halts, an XML source file is created, but not converted.

Confirmation Properties

  • Confirm before stopping generation: Generates a confirmation dialog box before stopping report generation.

  • Confirmation question: Specifies a confirmation question for the prompt. The default is "Stop generating the report?"

  • Halt button name: Specifies a name for the button that stops report generation. The default is "Halt Generation".

  • Continue button name: Specifies a name for the button that continues report generation. The default is "Continue Generation".


This example creates a simple report that takes a snapshot of the current figure. If there is no current figure, the report generation automatically halts:

[-] Report - figure-report.rpt
	[-] if (isempty(get(0,'CurrentFigure')))
		[ ] Stop Generation
	[-] Figure Loop - current
		[-] Chapter - <Title from SubComponent1>
			[ ] Figure Name
			[ ] Graphics Figure Snapshot
			[ ] Figure Prop Table - Figure Properties

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