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Insert parent of table


This component is a parent of a component hierarchy that you specify to insert a table into a report. Adding this component creates a hierarchy that defines a 2x2 table that you modify to define your specific table.


  • Table title: Specifies a title for the table. Enter text or %<expr>. If you specify a table title, text such as Table 1: precedes the table title.

  • Number of columns: Specifies the number of columns in the table. Enter a number or %<expr>. You must have at least one column in the table.

  • Table width options: Determines the width of the table.

    • Auto: Automatically sets the table width based on the table contents.

    • Specify: Enter the table width as either a percentage of the page width (for example, 75%), or provide an absolute width for the table. You can specify a table width in inches (in), picas (pi), or points (pt).

  • Table spans page width: Spreads the table across the width of the page. If you clear this property, the table uses the Table width options setting.

  • Border: Specifies whether to draw border lines around the outside edges of the table. For example, to draw a border line only at the top of the table, select Top.

  • Between columns: Draw a vertical line on the right side of each column (except for the last column) in the table.

    To override this setting for a specific column or table entry, use the Column separator property of the Table Column Specification or Table Entry components, respectively.

  • Between rows: Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of each row (except for the last row) in the table.

    To override this setting for a specific table column, row, or entry, use the Row separator property of the appropriate component: Table Column Specification, Table Row, or Table Entry.

  • Horizontal entry alignment: Aligns the position of Table Entry component content relative to the left and right sides of a table column.

    • Left: Aligns content with the left side of the column

    • Center: Aligns content in the middle of the column

    • Right: Aligns content with the right side of the column

    • Double justified: Justifies the left and right sides of the entry content, to avoid ragged left and right alignment

    To override this setting:

    • For a specific table column, use the Table Column Specification Entry horizontal alignment property.

    • For a specific table entry, use the Table Entry Horizontal alignment property.

  • Rotate table 90 degrees: For PDF and HTML output file formats, rotates the table 90 degrees counterclockwise to the direction of the text flow on the page.

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