Table Body

Insert parent of table body


This component is a parent of the rows that define the body of a table.

This component must be a child of a Table component. Add Table Row components as children to define the content of the table body.


  • Style Name: Specifies the style to use with the table body. To specify a style, perform these steps.

    1. In the Report Options dialog box, set File format to one of these values:

      • Word (from template)

      • HTML (from template)

      • PDF (from template)

    2. Set Style Name to Specify.

    3. In the Style Name text box, type a style name.

      To take effect, the style you specify must be a table style defined in the template that you use to generate the report. For more information about template styles, see Report Conversion Templates.

  • Entry vertical alignment: Positions table entry content relative to the top and bottom of the row in which the table entry appears.

    To override this setting for a table header or footer, or for a table row within one of those table elements, use the Entry vertical alignment property for the Table Header, Table Footer, or Table Row component.

    To override this setting for a specific table entry, use the Table Entry Vertical alignment property.

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