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Table Body

Insert parent of table body


This component is a parent of the rows that define the body of a table.

This component must be a child of a Table component. Add Table Row components as children to define the content of the table body.


  • Style Name: Specifies the style to use with the table body. To specify a style:

    1. Set the report’s File format to one of the from template options, for example, Direct PDF (from template).

    2. Set Style Name to Specify.

    3. In the Style Name text box, type a style name.

      To take effect, the style you specify must be a table style defined in the template that you use to generate the report. For more information about template styles, see Report Templates.

  • Entry vertical alignment: Positions table entry content relative to the top and bottom of the row in which the table entry appears.

    To override this setting for a table header or footer, or for a table row within one of those table elements, use the Entry vertical alignment property for the Table Header, Table Footer, or Table Row component.

    To override this setting for a specific table entry, use the Table Entry Vertical alignment property.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.



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