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Table Row

Insert parent of table row entries


This component is a parent of Table Entry components that define a table row.


  • Entry vertical alignment: Positions the table entry content relative to the top and bottom of the table row in which the table entries appear.

    Use this property to override the Entry vertical alignment setting of the Table Header, Table Footer, or Table Body component in which the table row appears.

  • Row separator: Use this property to override the Row separator setting of the Table component.

    • True: Draws a horizontal line at the bottom of the row (except for the last row).

    • False: Does not draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the row.

  • Background color: Specifies the background color of the table row. You can:

    • Use Auto for the background color that the report style sheet specifies, which for style sheets provided with MATLAB® Report Generator™ is white by default.

    • Select a color from a list of colors.

    • Enter %<expr>.

    • Enter an RGB (truecolor) value as #RRGGBB. For example, #0000ff is a shade of blue.

  • Row height: Specifies the height of the table row.

    To let the table contents automatically set the row height, use Auto.

    To specify an absolute height for this table row, select Specify and enter the height in inches (in), picas (pc), or points (pt).

  • Text orientation: Rotates text in the table entries in this table row, relative to the page text flow. This property is available only if you select Acrobat PDF or Direct PDF (from template) as the output type file format.

    To override the text rotation for a specific table entry, use the Table Entry Text orientation property for that table entry.

  • Rotated text width: Specifies the width of table entry text that you rotate with the Text orientation property. This property is available only if you select Acrobat PDF or Direct PDF (from template) as the output type file format.

    When you specify this width, you can include the units, for example, 5in. Supported units are inches (in), picas (pc), points (pt), and pixels (px). If you do not specify a unit, the default for template-based output types (for example, Word from template) is pixels. For all other output types, the default is points.

    To avoid truncating the rotated text, set the Rotated text width to a value that allows the display of the longest line of text in the table row.

    To override the rotated text width for a specific table entry in the table row, use the Table Entry Rotated text width property.

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