Troubleshooting Report Generation Issues

Memory Usage

By default, the MATLAB® software sets a limit of 100 MB on the amount of memory the Oracle® Java® Virtual Machine (JVM™) software can allocate. The memory that the report generation process uses to build a document must fit within this limit. If you are having trouble processing large reports, it might be helpful to increase the amount of memory that MATLAB Report Generator™ and Simulink® Report Generator software can allocate. See the following sections for more information.

Run the MATLAB Software Without a Desktop

One way to increase the amount of JVM memory available to the MATLAB Report Generator and Simulink Report Generator software is to run the MATLAB software with -nodesktop mode enabled.

Increase the MATLAB JVM Memory Allocation Limit

To increase the amount of JVM memory available by increasing the MATLAB JVM memory allocation limit, from the MATLAB Toolstrip, in the Home tab, in the Environment section, select Preferences. Use the General > Java Heap Memory dialog box.

HTML Report Display on UNIX Systems

HTML reports may not automatically display on some UNIX® platforms. To work around this issue, configure the MATLAB Report Generator software to launch an external browser:

  1. In the Report Explorer, click File > Preferences.

  2. Enter the following text in the View command field:

    web(rptgen.file2urn('%file name'), '-browser')
    Where file name is the name of your report setup file.

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