Create Reports Programmatically

Use the Report API and DOM API to generate and customize Simulink® Report Generator™ reports

The Simulink Report Generator Report API provides classes and functions to use in programs that obtain data and information from Simulink models and Stateflow® charts.

Functions Create custom diagram reporter class Create diagram template Diagram class definition file location Create custom Simulink object properties class Create Simulink object properties reporter template Simulink object properties class definition file location Create StateflowStateflow object properties reporter template Create custom Stateflow object properties class Stateflow object properties class definition file location
slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult.getReporter Get diagram element reporter
slreportgen.finder.DiagramResult.getReporter Get diagram reporter
slreportgen.finder.BlockResult.getReporter Get block reporter

Classes for report creation Create diagram reporter object properties reporter
slreportgen.finder.SystemDiagramFinder Create block diagram finder
slreportgen.finder.AnnotationFinder Find Simulink annotation objects
slreportgen.finder.BlockFinder Find Simulink blocks
slreportgen.finder.BlockResult Create block finder result object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementFinderCreate diagram element finder object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult Create diagram element finder result object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramFinder Create finder for diagrams
slreportgen.finder.DiagramResult Create diagram result finder object
slreportgen.finder.ChartDiagramFinder Create Stateflowchart finder
slreportgen.finder.StateFinder Find Stateflowstates object properties reporter
slreportgen.finder.StateflowDiagramElementFinderFind Stateflow diagram elements


Create a Simulink Report Generator Report Programmatically

Use the Report API to create a System Design Description report

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