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Getting Started with Simulink Report Generator


Create a Simulink Report Generator Report

Use the Report API to create a System Design Description report

Create a Simulink Report Generator Report Interactively

Simulink® Report Generator™ software tasks demonstrated in this tutorial

About Report Generators for Simulink Models

Relationship Between Simulink Report Generator and MATLAB Report Generator

Information about Simulink Report Generator being an add-on to MATLAB Report Generator

Report Generation for Simulink and Stateflow Elements

Using predefined Simulink and Stateflow element finders and reporters that reduce coding time and complexity

Report Creation Workflow

How Simulink Report Generator software is typically used

Generate Reports Without Customizing

Use predefined reports, report elements, and Web Views

Working with the Report Explorer

Overview of the Report Explorer, the Simulink Report Generator graphical interface

Report Components

What are Report Explorer components

System Design Documentation and Results Reporting

Create reports of system design details and of results of running a system

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