Report Structure Components

Include report components to define report organization

Use report structure components to organize the content of your report into chapters, sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, and other standard document structure elements. For details, see Report Structure Components.

Report Generator Components

Title Page Insert title page at beginning of report
Chapter/Subsection Group portions of report into sections with titles
Paragraph Insert paragraph text into report
Text Format and insert text into report
HTML Text Insert HTML-formatted text into reports generated from a template
List Create bulleted or numbered list from cell array or child components
Table Insert parent of table
Array-Based Table Convert rectangular array into table and insert it into report
Variable Table Insert table that displays all the variables in the MATLAB workspace
Image Insert image from external file into report
Link Insert linking anchors or pointers into report
Handle Graphics Linking Anchor Designate location to which links point
Insert Variable Insert variable values into report
Figure Snapshot Insert snapshot of Handle Graphics figure into report
Axes Snapshot Insert image of selected MATLAB axes objects into the generated report
Handle Graphics Name Insert name of Handle Graphics object into the report
Handle Graphics Parameter Insert property name/property value pair from Handle Graphics figure, axes, or other object
MATLAB/Toolbox Version Number Insert table that shows version and release numbers and release date of MathWorks products
Nest Setup File Allow one report setup file (rpt file) to run inside another
Empty Component Group components to move, activate, or deactivate them, or create blank space in list
Import File Import ASCII text file into report
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