Simulink Report Generator Report Generator Components

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Annotation LoopRun child components multiple times for each Simulink annotation in current context
Axes LoopRun child components for all axes objects in MATLAB workspace
Block Execution Order ListCreate a list or table of all nonvirtual blocks in the model, showing order in which they execute
Block LoopRun child components for each block in the current system, model, or signal
Block Type CountCount number of each block type in the current model or system
BusCreate list of signals exiting from Bus Selector block
Chart LoopRun child components for specified Stateflow charts
Code Generation SummaryInsert version number information, list of generated files, tables summarizing code generation configuration information, and subsystem maps into report
Data Dictionary Traceability TableInsert a table that links data dictionary information to requirements
DocumentationInsert text extracted from DocBlock blocks in Simulink models
Figure LoopApply child components to specified graphics figures
Fixed Point Block LoopRun child components for the Simulink model, system, or signal defined by parent component
Fixed Point Logging OptionsSet fixed-point options like in Fixed Point Tool
Fixed Point Property TableInsert table that reports on Fixed-Point Designer block property name/property value pairs
Fixed Point Summary TableTable of specified fixed-point block properties or parameters
For LoopIteratively execute child components
Graphics Object LoopRun child components for each Handle Graphics object open in MATLAB workspace
Import Generated CodeImport source and header files generated by Simulink Coder software, and custom files specified as part of model
Insert VariableInsert variable values into report
Logical ElseSpecify an else condition for a Logical If component
Logical ElseifSpecify an elseif condition for a Logical If component
Logical IfSpecify logical if condition
Logical ThenSpecify a then condition for a Logical If component
Look-Up TableReport on lookup table blocks
Machine LoopRun child components for specified Stateflow machines
MATLAB Code Traceability TableInsert a table that links MATLAB code to requirements
MATLAB FunctionInsert information about MATLAB Function block contents
Missing Requirements Block LoopApply all child components to blocks that do not have requirements
Missing Requirements System LoopLoop only on systems and subsystems that do not have associated requirements
Model Advisor ReportInsert Model Advisor report or link to Model Advisor report for current model
Model Change LogConstruct model history table that displays model revision information
Model Configuration SetInsert active configuration set of a model into a report
Model LoopLoop on Simulink models and systems, as specified by child components
Model SimulationRun current model with specified simulation parameters
Object LoopRun child components for Stateflow objects, and then insert table into report
Requirements Block LoopApply child components to blocks with requirements
Requirements Documents TableInsert table of linked requirements documents
Requirements Signal LoopApply all child components to signal groups with requirements
Requirements Summary TableProperties of blocks, systems, or Stateflow objects with associated requirements
Requirements System LoopApply child components to systems with requirements
Requirements TableRequirements links for current context
Scope SnapshotInsert images of scopes and XY graphs
Signal LoopRun child components for each signal contained in current system, model, or block
Simulink Automatic TableInsert two-column table with information on selected model, system, signal, or block
Simulink Data DictionaryReport Simulink data dictionary information
Simulink Data Dictionary LoopRun Simulink Data Dictionary child component for each Simulink data dictionary in specified context
Simulink Dialog SnapshotInsert snapshots of Simulink editor dialog boxes
Simulink Function System LoopReport on Simulink functions specified in a Stateflow loop
Simulink Functions and VariablesCreate table that displays workspace variables and MATLAB functions used by reported blocks in Simulink models
Simulink Library InformationInsert table that lists library links in the current model, system, or block
Simulink Linking AnchorDesignate locations to which links point
Simulink NameInsert name of a Simulink model, system, block, or signal into report
Simulink PropertyInsert property name/property value pair for current Simulink model, system, block, or signal
Simulink Property TableInsert table that reports on model-level property name/property value pairs
Simulink Sample TimeInsert title of Simulink sample time into report
Simulink Summary TableProperties or parameters of specified Simulink models, systems, blocks, or signals in table
Simulink Test Suite Traceability TableInsert a table that links a Simulink test suite to requirements
Simulink Workspace VariableReport on workspace variables used in model, in loop generated by Simulink Workspace Variable Loop component
Simulink Workspace Variable LoopGenerates a model variable loop
State LoopRun child components for all states in current context
State Transition MatrixInserts state transition matrix contents into report
State Transition TableInserts state transition tables into report
Stateflow Automatic TableInsert table with properties of current Stateflow object
Stateflow CountCount number of Stateflow objects in current context
Stateflow Dialog SnapshotInsert snapshots of Stateflow editor dialog boxes
Stateflow FilterRun child components only if current object type matches specified object type
Stateflow HierarchyProvide visual representation of the hierarchy of a Stateflow object
Stateflow Hierarchy LoopRun child components on Stateflow object hierarchy
Stateflow Linking AnchorDesignate locations to which links point
Stateflow NameInsert into report name of Stateflow object specified by parent component
Stateflow PropertyInsert into report table, text, or paragraph with information on selected Stateflow object property
Stateflow Property TableInsert into report property-value table for Stateflow object
Stateflow SnapshotInsert into report snapshot of Stateflow object
Stateflow Summary TableTable of properties or parameters of specified Stateflow object
System FilterRun child components if current system meets specified conditions
System HierarchyCreate nested list that shows hierarchy of specified system
System LoopSpecify systems and subsystems on which to loop, as defined by parent component
System SnapshotInsert snapshot of the current system into report
Test SequenceCapture Test Sequence block information
To Workspace PlotCapture plot figure created in the MATLAB workspace
Truth TableReport on truth tables in Simulink and Stateflow models
Variable TableInsert table that displays all the variables in the MATLAB workspace
While LoopIteratively execute child components while a specified condition is true
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