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Requirements Management Interface

Extract information about requirements added to a model with the Simulink® Verification and Validation™ software

The Simulink Report Generator™ includes components that obtain information about model requirements. These components require that you have Simulink Verification and Validation software installed.

Report Generator Components

Requirements Documents Table Insert table of linked requirements documents
Requirements System Loop Apply child components to systems with requirements
Requirements Table Requirements links for current context
Requirements Block Loop Apply child components to blocks with requirements
Requirements Summary Table Properties of blocks, systems, or Stateflow objects with associated requirements
Requirements Signal Loop Apply all child components to signal groups with requirements
Missing Requirements Block Loop Apply all child components to blocks that do not have requirements
Missing Requirements System Loop Loop only on systems and subsystems that do not have associated requirements
Data Dictionary Traceability Table Insert a table that links data dictionary information to requirements
MATLAB Code Traceability Table Insert a table that links MATLAB code to requirements
Simulink Test Suite Traceability Table Insert a table that links a Simulink test suite to requirements


System Design Documentation and Results Reporting

Two common goals for creating reports are:

Report Components

Include components in a report setup file to specify report behavior and insert content, such as tables, lists, and figures, into a report.

Summary Table Components (MATLAB Report Generator)

Example of how to use Summary Table components to display information about specified objects in tables in generated reports

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