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Simulink Model

Extract information from a Simulink® model

The Simulink Report Generator™ includes many components that obtain information directly from a model and include that information in a report. Using system-based components allows your report to reflect the current state of a model, without changing the report setup file. For details, see Report Components.


report Generate reports from report setup file

Report Generator Components

Simulink Name Insert name of a Simulink model, system, block, or signal into report
Simulink Summary Table Properties or parameters of specified Simulink models, systems, blocks, or signals in table
Simulink Automatic Table Insert two-column table with information on selected model, system, signal, or block
System Hierarchy Create nested list that shows hierarchy of specified system
System Snapshot Insert snapshot of the current system into report
System Filter Run child components if current system meets specified conditions
System Loop Specify systems and subsystems on which to loop, as defined by parent component
Model Loop Loop on Simulink models and systems, as specified by child components
Annotation Loop Run child components multiple times for each Simulink annotation in current context
Model Configuration Set Insert active configuration set of a model into a report
Simulink Sample Time Insert title of Simulink sample time into report
Model Advisor Report Insert Model Advisor report or link to Model Advisor report for current model
Simulink Linking Anchor Designate locations to which links point
Simulink Library Information Insert table that lists library links in the current model, system, or block
Model Change Log Construct model history table that displays model revision information
Block Type Count Count number of each block type in the current model or system
Block Loop Run child components for each block in the current system, model, or signal
Block Execution Order List Create a list or table of all nonvirtual blocks in the model, showing order in which they execute
Scope Snapshot Insert images of scopes and XY graphs
Signal Loop Run child components for each signal contained in current system, model, or block
Bus Create list of signals exiting from Bus Selector block
Documentation Insert text extracted from DocBlock blocks in Simulink models
Look-Up Table Report on lookup table blocks
MATLAB Function Insert information about MATLAB Function block contents
Simulink Dialog Snapshot Insert snapshots of Simulink editor dialog boxes
Variable Table Insert table that displays all the variables in the MATLAB workspace
Insert Variable Insert variable values into report
Simulink Workspace Variable Report on workspace variables used in model, in loop generated by Simulink Workspace Variable Loop component
Simulink Workspace Variable Loop Generates a model variable loop
Simulink Functions and Variables Create table that displays workspace variables and MATLAB functions used by reported blocks in Simulink models
To Workspace Plot Capture plot figure created in the MATLAB workspace
Simulink Data Dictionary Report Simulink data dictionary information
Simulink Data Dictionary Loop Run Simulink Data Dictionary child component for each Simulink data dictionary in specified context
Simulink Property Table Insert table that reports on model-level property name/property value pairs
Simulink Property Insert property name/property value pair for current Simulink model, system, block, or signal
Graphics Object Loop Run child components for each Handle Graphics object open in MATLAB workspace
Figure Loop Apply child components to specified graphics figures
Axes Loop Run child components for all axes objects in MATLAB workspace
Model Simulation Run current model with specified simulation parameters

Examples and How To

Add Report Content with Components

How to build a report by adding components to its setup file


System Design Documentation and Results Reporting

Two common goals for creating reports are:

Report Components

Include components in a report setup file to specify report behavior and insert content, such as tables, lists, and figures, into a report.

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