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Create a Simulink Report Generator Report

This example shows how to use the Report Explorer to design a report setup file and generate a report that does the following:

  • Opens a Simulink® model for the van der Pol equation, called the vdp model.

  • Sets the Gain parameter for the Mu block to five different values.

  • Simulates the model each time the Gain parameter is set.

  • Collects the results. Results that fall within a specified range appear in a table in the generated report.

You do not need to know MATLAB® or Simulink software to create and run this example report. However, knowledge of these products might be helpful for understanding the MATLAB code and model simulation that executes.

To create this report, you perform these main tasks:

This example includes separate sections for different kinds of report creation and generation task. Each section builds on the previous sections. However, if you want to see the report setup components for a later section without doing the previous sections, in MATLAB you can view the completed report setup file by opening Dynamic Simulink Report. The report is for the vdp model.

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