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Annotation Loop

Run child components multiple times for each Simulink annotation in current context


This component runs its child components multiple times for each Simulink® annotation in the current context. The parent component determines the context.

  • Model Loop: Reports on all annotations inside the reported portion of the reported model.

  • System Loop: Reports on all annotations inside the current system.

  • Block Loop or Signal Loop: Does nothing.

Loop Options

The Loop Options pane displays information about the current context. You can sort Alphabetically by text or In traversal order.

Child components of the Annotation Loop consider their context to be annotations when the report is running.

For example, the following components report on the looped annotation:

  • Simulink Automatic Table

  • Simulink Linking Anchor

  • Simulink Name

  • Simulink Property

  • Simulink Property Table

Use a Summary Table component to show annotation objects in reports. Each Summary Table component creates a single table with each reported annotation on a single row of the table.

Section Options

  • Create section for each object in loop: Inserts a section in the generated report for each object found in the loop.

  • Display the object type in the section title: Inserts the object type automatically into the section title in the generated report.

  • Create link anchor for each object in loop: Create a link target for each annotation in the loop so that other parts of the report can link to it.

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