Approaches to Creating Reports

You can create and generate reports:

  • Interactively, using the Report Explorer

  • Programmatically, using the Report API and the DOM (Document Object Model) API

  • Programmatically using the PPT (Microsoft® PowerPoint®) API

You can use the Report Explorer interface to create reports without having to write code.

Using the programmatic approach, you can integrate report generation into analysis and testing applications. For more information, see Programmatic Report Creation (MATLAB Report Generator) and Report Creation.

You can use the PPT (PowerPoint®) API to add generated content to an existing PowerPoint presentation or to create a complete PowerPoint presentation programmatically. Your presentation can capture dynamic information from a MATLAB® program without your making manual updates to the presentation. You can use templates, slide masters, and styles to format your presentation. For more information, see Programmatic PowerPoint Presentation Creation (MATLAB Report Generator).

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