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Block Type Count

Count number of each block type in the current model or system


This component counts the number of each block type in the current model or system. Within a model, this component counts blocks underneath masks and inside library links.

For more information about block types, see Nonvirtual and Virtual Blocks (Simulink) in the Simulink® documentation.

Count Types

The parent of this component determines where to count block types:

  • Model Loop: Reports all block types in the current model:

    • All blocks in model: Counts block types in the entire model.

    • All blocks in reported systems: Counts block types only in systems that appear in the report.

  • System Loop: Reports all block types in the current system.

Table Content

  • Table title: Allows you to enter the table title.

  • Show block names in table: Includes a column that displays all block names in the table.

  • Sort table:

    • Alphabetically by block type: Sorts blocks alphabetically by block type.

    • By number of blocks: Sorts by decreasing number of occurrences.

  • Show total count: Displays total number of block types.

Insert Anything into Report?

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