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Generate the Report

To generate the report, click the Report icon on the toolbar. The following occurs:

  1. A Message List window appears, displaying informational and error messages as the report is processed. Specify the level of detail you would like the Message List window to display while the report is being generated. Options range from 0 (least detail) to 6 (most detail). Click the selection list located under the title bar of the Message List window to choose an option.

    Message level 3 (Important messages) is used for the remainder of this example.

  2. The vdp model appears. You can see each time it is simulated.

  3. The scope window appears. The scope graph changes each time the parameter value changes.

  4. Each component of the report is highlighted as it executes, in the Outline pane on the left in the Report Explorer window.

When the report is complete, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader opens your report in PDF format.

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