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Model Change Log

Construct model history table that displays model revision information


Run this component before you run the Model Simulation component. It uses a reported model's ModifiedHistory parameter to construct a model history table that displays information about each logged revision to the model. This model history table includes:

  • The author of each change

  • The model version of the change

  • The time and date of the change

  • A description of the change

For more information on model history, see Log Comments History (Simulink) in the Simulink® documentation.

    Tip:   If your model has a long revision history, consider limiting the number of revisions reported.

Table Columns

Choose the information displayed in the model revision table in this section:

  • Author name: Includes the name of the person who last revised the model.

  • Version: Includes the version number of the model.

  • Date changed: Includes the revision date of the model.

  • Description of change: Includes a description of the revision to the model.

Table Rows

  • Limit displayed revisions to: Limits the number of revisions that appears in the report.

  • Show revisions since date: Limits the number of revisions that appears in the report by date. Enter the date in the corresponding text field. This field supports %<varname> notation. For example, the default value, %<datestr(now-14)>, returns revision history for the last two weeks.

Table Display

Choose how the model revision history table appears in this section.

  • Table title: Specifies the title of the table.

  • Sort order: Sorts the table entries from most recent to oldest, or from oldest to most recent.

  • Date format: Specifies a preferred date format for the date/time stamps in the table.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.



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