Report Creation Workflow

Approaches for Creating Reports

You can create and generate reports :

  • Interactively, using the Report Explorer

  • Programmatically, using the DOM (Document Object Model) API

You can use the Report Explorer graphical interface to create reports without having to write code.

Using the programmatic approach, you can integrate report generation into analysis and testing applications. For more information, see Programmatic Report Creation.

Interactive Report Creation

  1. Open the Report Explorer. In the menu bar on the Simulink® model window, click Tools > Report Generator.

  2. Create a new report setup file.

    For information about report setup files, see Report Setup.

  3. Add existing Simulink or Stateflow® components to the report setup file, or create your own custom components.

    For information on using components, see Working with Components.

    Working with Components

  4. Choose a Microsoft® Word, HTML, or PDF template or a Report Explorer stylesheet to apply styles the report setup file.

    For information about generating a report using a template, see Generate a Report Using a Template. For information about Report Explorer style sheets, see Layout Stylesheets.

  5. Generate the report.

The following figure illustrates a typical Simulink Report Generator™ workflow.

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