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Requirements Signal Loop

Apply all child components to signal groups with requirements


The Requirements Signal Loop component applies all child components to signal groups that have requirements in Signal Builder blocks.


  • Create link anchor for each object in loop: Create a link target for each requirement in the loop so that other parts of the report can link to it.

  • Display the object type in the section title: Inserts the object name with requirements into the section title.

  • Create section for each object in loop: Creates a hyperlink to each object with requirements in the loop.

  • Section Type: Specifies the section type to insert. If you choose Automatic, the Simulink® Report Generator™ software determines the appropriate section type:

    • Book

    • Chapter

    • Section 1

    • Section 2

    • Section 3

    • Section 4

    • Section 5

    • Simple Section

    • Automatic

Report On

Loops on signal groups in systems:

  • Collect all Signal Builders: Processes all Signal Builder blocks, looking for signal groups with requirements.

  • Custom - use list: Processes all subsystems in the user-defined list. If a subsystem on the list does not have requirements, the Simulink Report Generator software does not include it in the report.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, inserts a section if you select Create section for each object in loop and a link target if you select Create link anchor for each object in loop.



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