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Specify Report Options in the Setup File

To create and configure the report setup file:

  1. Start a Simulink® software session.

  2. Open the Report Explorer. From the MATLAB® Toolstrip, in the Apps tab, in the Database Connectivity and Reporting section, click Report Generator.

  3. Select File > New to create a report setup file.

  4. Save the report setup file.

    In the Properties pane:

    1. Specify where to save the report setup file. To save it in the current working folder, select Present Working Directory from the Directory selection list.

    2. Specify the report format. In the File format selection list, select Acrobat (PDF).

    3. Enter a description for the report. In the Report description text box, replace the existing contents with the following text.

        Tip:   Copy and paste this code from the HTML documentation into the Report Explorer.

      Simulink Dynamic Report
      This report opens up a model, sets a block parameter 
      several times, simulates the model, and collects the
      results. Results that fall within a specified range are 
      displayed in a table after the test is complete.
      The report is configured to test the vdp model only.
      By selecting the Eval String component immediately 
      below the Report component, you can modify
      * model
      * block
      * parameter
      * tested values
  5. Click File > Save As to save the report setup file as simulink_tutorial.rpt.

    The Outline pane on the left displays the new file name.

To create the content for the report, see Add Report Content with Components.

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