Generate a System Design Description

Open the System Design Description Dialog Box

To open the System Design Description dialog box:

  1. Open the model or subsystem for which you want to generate a report.

      Note:   The System Design Description fails for models that simulate with an error.

  2. From the Simulink® Editor File menu, select Reports > System Design Description. The System Design Description dialog box opens

  3. Specify layout and content options for the report. For details, see Choose System Design Description Options.

  4. Click the Generate

Choose System Design Description Options

You can specify options for layout and content, for the following items:

  • Title page contents

  • Report content

  • Report file format and storage location

    Tip   For faster report generation, set File format to use a template. Select one of these formats:

    • PDF (from template), which is the default

    • Word (from template)

    • HTML (from template)

In the dialog box, to display detailed information about each option, right-click on the option prompt and select the What's This context-sensitive help.

To create a customized version of the report, click the Customize Content button. The customize option creates a copy of the report setup file and opens the copy in the Report Explorer. See Customize the System Design Description.

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