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Model Web Views

Interactively create and navigate Web views of models, and create embedded Web view reports


slwebview Export Simulink models to Web views
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.fillslwebview Create and insert web view in HTML document
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.getExportDiagrams Get names of diagram paths and handles to export
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.getExportModels Model paths and handles to export
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.getExportSimulinkSubSystems Subsystem paths and handles to export
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.getExportStateflowCharts Stateflow chart paths and handles to export
slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument.getExportStateflowDiagrams Stateflow chart hierarchy paths and handles to export
slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument.createDiagramTwoWayLink Link and anchor in embedded Web view report
slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument.createElementTwoWayLink Element link and anchor in embedded Web view report
slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument.createDiagramLink Link to embedded Web view report
slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument.createElementLink Element link in embedded Web view report


slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument Create a web view document generator
slreportgen.webview.EmbeddedWebViewDocument Create a report generator that generates an HTML report containing an interlinked document and associated web view
slreportgen.webview.ExportOptions Options for exporting Simulink model to web view

Examples and How To

Export Models to Web View Files

How to export Simulink® and Stateflow® models to Web views

Display and Navigate a Web View

Use a browser to explore your Web view.

Search a Web View

Specify search criteria and search a Web view.

Create and Use a Web View

Export models to Web views and navigate the view.

Capture and View Optional Web View Information

Optional views include, for example, model coverage and requirements.

Create an Embedded Web View Report Generator

How to create an Embedded Web View report


Web Views

Overview of Web views and their key features

Generate Reports Without Customizing

You can use Simulink Report Generator™ without customizing reports by using:

Optional Web Views

Optional Web views provide information about a model in addition to the standard Web view information about blocks and signals in a model.

Embedded Web View Reports

Overview of reports that include hyperlinked table of contents, document, and model Web View panes

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