Automation Interface Tutorial

This example shows how to automate interaction between IDE Link component and Texas Instruments™ (TI) Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) using MATLAB® commands.

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The script loads and runs an application on the target DSP. To begin, the example asks you to choose the processor to run the example on. Your target selection is displayed by invoking ccsboardinfo and boardprocsel functions.

Through ticcs, you create a handle to the processor. Using this handle, you perform CCS IDE-specific tasks such as

  • building the CCS project,

  • loading the application, and

  • running, halting, and restarting the processor.

You can also do other operations such as

  • inserting and deleting breakpoints, and

  • toggling the CCS IDE visibility.

You can query the target for information using the methods

  • isrunning

  • address

  • info

You can access target memory and registers using the methods

  • read

  • write

  • regread

  • regwrite

Supported Processor Families

  • C6000™ (C62x™, C64x™, C67x™)

  • C5000™ (C54x™, C55x™)

  • C2000™ (C28x™, C27x™, C24x™)

  • TMS470 (R1x, R2x)

To Run the Example

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