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Automation Interface Tutorial

This example shows how to automate interaction between IDE Link component and Eclipse™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) using MATLAB® commands.

Before using IDE Link with the Eclipse IDE, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure your third-party software versions are listed in Tested Software VersionsTested Software Versions

  2. Set up your Eclipse environment as instructed in Installing Third-Party SoftwareInstalling Third-Party Software and Configuring EclipseConfiguring Eclipse

Supported processors:

  • Intel® x86/Pentium®

  • AMD® K5®/K6®/Athlon™

  • ARM® ARM7, ARM8, ARM9, ARM10, ARM11

Launch exampleLaunch example


This example shows how you can automate simple operations that you normally perform via the Eclipse IDE. It starts by showing how you can create a handle to Eclipse through the eclipseide command. Using this handle, the example shows how you can create a new project, build it, then load and run the application on the processor. It then shows how you can automate debug operations such as setting/removing breakpoints, reading data from the processor and writing data to the processor.

This example shows following methods:

  • new - Create a new project

  • open/close - Open or close a project

  • add - Add files to a project

  • build - Build a project

  • load - Load an application to the processor

  • run - Invoke the application to execute

  • isrunning - Check if the application is running

  • halt - Halt the application

  • read/write - Read from or write to the processor

  • address - Get the address of a symbol

  • insert/remove - Insert or remove a breakpoint

To Run the Example

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