Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDX™) Tutorial

This example shows how to read and write data to and from your DSP target using the RTDX™ component of the IDE Link component.

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The example script loads and runs an application on the target. This application uses RTDX to transfer data messages between MATLAB® (the host application) and the target.

This tutorial writes the integers 1 through 10 to the target DSP. The target takes the array of integers, increments each array element by one, and writes the resultant array back to the host. The read and write process is performed 20 successive times, with each iteration incrementing the previous array result by one. The host application uses readmsg and readmat to read the data in a variety of data formats.

Supported Processor Families

  • C5000™ (C54x™, C55x™)

  • C2000™ (C28x™)

To Run the Example

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