Real-Time Simulation

Real-time target; normal, accelerator, and external modes; sample rate; real-time scope parameters

To evaluate the real-time behavior of your model, run the model, log data, tune parameters, and view signals from the Simulink® toolbar. Capture signals from the model and display them with standard Simulink Scope blocks. Run your model in normal, accelerator , or external mode, depending upon the sample rate that you require.

If you require a moderate sample rate, up to 1 kHz, use normal or accelerator mode. In these modes, you run the Simulink model within MATLAB®. Only the I/O module drivers run in the Simulink Desktop Real-Time™ kernel.

If you require a higher sample rate, up to 20 kHz, use external mode. In external mode, you use Simulink Coder™ to generate a real-time application from the model. The real-time application and the I/O module drivers run in the Simulink Desktop Real-Time kernel.


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