Model Preparation for Real-Time Simulation

Predefined and custom I/O driver blocks, code generation parameters, real-time kernel


rtwho Display information about Real-Time Windows Target status
rtwinconfigset Attach and activate default Real-Time Windows Target configuration set
rtwintgt Install and remove Real-Time Windows Target kernel


Analog Input Select and connect analog input channels
Counter Input Select and connect counter input channels
Digital Input Select and connect digital input lines or channels
Encoder Input Select and connect encoder input channels
Other Input Connect with input sources that other input blocks cannot
Packet Input Receive unformatted binary data
Stream Input Receive formatted ASCII data
Analog Output Select and connect analog output channels
Digital Output Select and connect digital output lines or channels
Frequency Output Generate and output a pulse-width-modulated square wave
Other Output Connect with output sources that other output blocks cannot
Packet Output Transmit unformatted binary data
Stream Output Transmit formatted ASCII data
Real-Time Sync Synchronize Simulink to real time
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