Digital Filter Analysis

Magnitude response, phase response, impulse response, pole-zero plot, group delay


angle Phase angle
fdatool Open Filter Design and Analysis Tool
filternorm 2-norm or infinity-norm of digital filter
filtord Filter order
firtype Type of linear phase FIR filter
freqz Frequency response of digital filter
fvtool Open Filter Visualization Tool
grpdelay Average filter delay (group delay)
impz Impulse response of digital filter
impzlength Impulse response length
info Information about digital filter
phasedelay Phase delay of digital filter
phasez Phase response of digital filter
residuez z-transform partial-fraction expansion
stepz Step response of digital filter
zerophase Zero-phase response of digital filter
zplane Zero-pole plot
isallpass Determine whether filter is allpass
isfir Determine if digital filter has finite impulse response
islinphase Determine whether filter has linear phase
isminphase Determine whether filter is minimum phase
ismaxphase Determine whether filter is maximum phase
isstable Determine whether filter is stable
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