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Signal Processing Toolbox Examples

Signal Generation and Analysis

Signal Generation and VisualizationScript
Signal SmoothingScript
Measuring Signal SimilaritiesScript
Peak AnalysisScript
Measurement of Pulse and Transition CharacteristicsScript
Analyzing Harmonic DistortionScript
Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) MeasurementScript

Digital Filters

Filter Design GalleryScript
Practical Introduction to Digital Filter DesignScript
Practical Introduction to Digital FilteringScript
Introduction to the Filter Design and Analysis Tool (FDATool)Script
Filter Analysis using FVToolScript
FIR Gaussian Pulse-shaping Filter DesignScript
Generating Guitar Chords using the Karplus-Strong AlgorithmScript

Spectral Analysis and Statistical Signal Processing

Practical Introduction to Frequency-Domain AnalysisScript
Measuring the Power of Deterministic Periodic SignalsScript
Linear Prediction and Autoregressive ModelingScript


DFT Estimation with the Goertzel AlgorithmScript
Discrete Walsh-Hadamard TransformScript
Single Sideband Modulation via the Hilbert TransformScript

GPU Acceleration

Accelerating Correlation with GPUs
Uses: Parallel Computing Toolbox
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