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Signal Processing Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
absAbsolute value (magnitude)
ac2polyConvert autocorrelation sequence to prediction polynomial
ac2rcConvert autocorrelation sequence to reflection coefficients
alignsignalsAlign two signals by delaying earliest signal
anglePhase angle
arburgAutoregressive all-pole model parameters — Burg’s method
arcovAutoregressive all-pole model parameters — covariance method
armcovAutoregressive all-pole model parameters — modified covariance method
aryuleAutoregressive all-pole model parameters — Yule-Walker method
bandpowerBand power
barthannwinModified Bartlett-Hann window
bartlettBartlett window
besselap Bessel analog lowpass filter prototype
besselfBessel analog filter design
bilinearBilinear transformation method for analog-to-digital filter conversion
bitrevorderPermute data into bit-reversed order
blackmanBlackman window
blackmanharrisMinimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window
bohmanwinBohman window
bufferBuffer signal vector into matrix of data frames
buttapButterworth filter prototype
butterButterworth filter design
buttordButterworth filter order and cutoff frequency
ccepsComplex cepstral analysis
cconvModulo-N circular convolution
cell2sosConvert second-order sections cell array to matrix
cfirpmComplex and nonlinear-phase equiripple FIR filter design
cheb1apChebyshev Type I analog lowpass filter prototype
cheb1ordChebyshev Type I filter order
cheb2apChebyshev Type II analog lowpass filter prototype
cheb2ordChebyshev Type II filter order
chebwinChebyshev window
cheby1Chebyshev Type I filter design
cheby2Chebyshev Type II filter design
chirpSwept-frequency cosine
convConvolution and polynomial multiplication
conv22-D convolution
convmtxConvolution matrix
corrcoefCorrelation coefficients
corrmtxData matrix for autocorrelation matrix estimation
cpsdCross power spectral density
cummaxCumulative maximum
cumminCumulative minimum
cusumDetect small changes in mean using cumulative sum
cztChirp Z-transform
dbConvert energy or power measurements to decibels
db2magConvert decibels to magnitude
db2powConvert decibels to power
dctDiscrete cosine transform
decimateDecimation — decrease sampling rate
deconvDeconvolution and polynomial division
demodDemodulation for communications simulation
designfiltDesign digital filters
detrendRemove linear trends
dftmtxDiscrete Fourier transform matrix
digitalFilterDigital filter
digitrevorderPermute input into digit-reversed order
diricDirichlet or periodic sinc function
doubleCast coefficients of digital filter to double precision
downsampleDecrease sampling rate by integer factor
dpssDiscrete prolate spheroidal (Slepian) sequences
dpssclearRemove discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database
dpssdirDiscrete prolate spheroidal sequences database directory
dpssloadLoad discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database
dpsssaveDiscrete prolate spheroidal or Slepian sequence database
dspfwizCreate Simulink filter block using Realize Model panel
dtwDistance between signals using dynamic time warping
dutycycle Duty cycle of pulse waveform
edrEdit distance on real signals
ellipElliptic filter design
ellipapElliptic analog lowpass filter prototype
ellipordMinimum order for elliptic filters
enbwEquivalent noise bandwidth
envelopeSignal envelope
envspectrumEnvelope spectrum for machinery diagnosis
eqtflengthEqualize lengths of transfer function's numerator and denominator
falltime Fall time of negative-going bilevel waveform transitions
fftFast Fourier transform
fft22-D fast Fourier transform
fftfiltFFT-based FIR filtering using overlap-add method
fftshiftShift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
fillgapsFill gaps using autoregressive modeling
fillmissingFill missing values
filloutliersDetect and replace outliers in data
filt2blockGenerate Simulink filter block
filterFilter data with recursive (IIR) or nonrecursive (FIR) filter
filter22-D digital filter
filternorm 2-norm or infinity-norm of digital filter
filtfiltZero-phase digital filtering
filticInitial conditions for transposed direct-form II filter implementation
filtordFilter order
findchangeptsFind abrupt changes in signal
finddelayEstimate delay(s) between signals
findpeaksFind local maxima
findsignalFind signal location using similarity search
fir1Window-based FIR filter design
fir2Frequency sampling-based FIR filter design
firclsConstrained-least-squares FIR multiband filter design
fircls1Constrained-least-squares linear-phase FIR lowpass and highpass filter design
firlsLeast-squares linear-phase FIR filter design
firpmParks-McClellan optimal FIR filter design
firpmordParks-McClellan optimal FIR filter order estimation
firtypeType of linear phase FIR filter
flattopwinFlat top weighted window
freqsFrequency response of analog filters
freqspaceFrequency spacing for frequency response
freqzFrequency response of digital filter
fsstFourier synchrosqueezed transform
fvtoolOpen Filter Visualization Tool
fwhtFast Walsh-Hadamard transform
gauspulsGaussian-modulated sinusoidal pulse
gaussdesignGaussian FIR pulse-shaping filter design
gausswinGaussian window
gmonopulsGaussian monopulse
goertzelDiscrete Fourier transform with second-order Goertzel algorithm
grpdelayAverage filter delay (group delay)
hammingHamming window
hampelOutlier removal using Hampel identifier
hannHann (Hanning) window
hilbertDiscrete-time analytic signal using Hilbert transform
iccepsInverse complex cepstrum
idctInverse discrete cosine transform
ifftInverse fast Fourier transform
ifft22-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifsstInverse Fourier synchrosqueezed transform
ifwhtInverse Fast Walsh-Hadamard transform
impinvarImpulse invariance method for analog-to-digital filter conversion
impzImpulse response of digital filter
impzlengthImpulse response length
infoInformation about digital filter
interpInterpolation — increase sampling rate by integer factor
interp11-D data interpolation (table lookup)
intfiltInterpolation FIR filter design
invfreqsIdentify continuous-time filter parameters from frequency response data
invfreqzIdentify discrete-time filter parameters from frequency response data
is2rcConvert inverse sine parameters to reflection coefficients
isallpassDetermine whether filter is allpass
isdoubleDetermine if digital filter coefficients are double precision
isfirDetermine if digital filter has finite impulse response
islinphaseDetermine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphaseDetermine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphaseDetermine whether filter is minimum phase
isoutlierFind outliers in data
issingleDetermine if digital filter coefficients are single precision
isstableDetermine whether filter is stable
kaiserKaiser window
kaiserordKaiser window FIR filter design estimation parameters
lar2rcConvert log area ratio parameters to reflection coefficients
latc2tfConvert lattice filter parameters to transfer function form
latcfiltLattice and lattice-ladder filter implementation
levinsonLevinson-Durbin recursion
lp2bpTransform lowpass analog filters to bandpass
lp2bsTransform lowpass analog filters to bandstop
lp2hpTransform lowpass analog filters to highpass
lp2lpChange cutoff frequency for lowpass analog filter
lpcLinear prediction filter coefficients
lsf2polyConvert line spectral frequencies to prediction filter coefficients
mag2dbConvert magnitude to decibels
marcumqGeneralized Marcum Q function
maxLargest elements in array
maxflatGeneralized digital Butterworth filter design
meanAverage or mean value of array
meanfreqMean frequency
medfilt11-D median filtering
medfreqMedian frequency
medianMedian value of array
midcrossMid-reference level crossing for bilevel waveform
minSmallest elements in array
modalfitModal parameters from frequency-response functions
modalfrfFrequency-response functions for modal analysis
modalsdGenerate stabilization diagram for modal analysis
modulateModulation for communications simulation
movmadMoving median absolute deviation
movmedianMoving median
mscohereMagnitude-squared coherence
nuttallwinNuttall-defined minimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window
obwOccupied bandwidth
orderspectrumAverage spectrum versus order for vibration signal
ordertrackTrack and extract order magnitudes from vibration signal
orderwaveformExtract time-domain order waveforms from vibration signal
overshoot Overshoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions
parzenwinParzen (de la Vallée Poussin) window
pburgAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — Burg’s method
pchipPiecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP)
pcovAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — covariance method
peak2peakMaximum-to-minimum difference
peak2rmsPeak-magnitude-to-RMS ratio
peigPseudospectrum using eigenvector method
periodogramPeriodogram power spectral density estimate
phasedelayPhase delay of digital filter
phasezPhase response of digital filter
plombLomb-Scargle periodogram
pmcovAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — modified covariance method
pmtmMultitaper power spectral density estimate
pmusicPseudospectrum using MUSIC algorithm
poly2acConvert prediction filter polynomial to autocorrelation sequence
poly2lsfConvert prediction filter coefficients to line spectral frequencies
poly2rcConvert prediction filter polynomial to reflection coefficients
polyscaleScale roots of polynomial
polystabStabilize polynomial
pow2dbConvert power to decibels
powerbwPower bandwidth
prony Prony method for filter design
pspectrumAnalyze signals in the frequency and time-frequency domains
pulseperiodPeriod of bilevel pulse
pulsesepSeparation between bilevel waveform pulses
pulsewidthBilevel waveform pulse width
pulstranPulse train
pwelchWelch’s power spectral density estimate
pyulearAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — Yule-Walker method
rainflowRainflow counts for fatigue analysis
randnNormally distributed random numbers
rc2acConvert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation sequence
rc2isConvert reflection coefficients to inverse sine parameters
rc2larConvert reflection coefficients to log area ratio parameters
rc2polyConvert reflection coefficients to prediction filter polynomial
rcepsReal cepstrum and minimum phase reconstruction
rcosdesignRaised cosine FIR pulse-shaping filter design
rectpulsSampled aperiodic rectangle
rectwinRectangular window
resampleResample uniform or nonuniform data to new fixed rate
residuezZ-transform partial-fraction expansion
risetime Rise time of positive-going bilevel waveform transitions
rlevinsonReverse Levinson-Durbin recursion
rmsRoot-mean-square level
rooteigFrequency and power content using eigenvector method
rootmusicRoot MUSIC algorithm
rpmfreqmapFrequency-RPM map for order analysis
rpmordermapOrder-RPM map for order analysis
rssq Root-sum-of-squares level
sawtoothSawtooth or triangle wave
schurrcCompute reflection coefficients from autocorrelation sequence
seqperiodCompute period of sequence
settlingtimeSettling time for bilevel waveform
sfdrSpurious free dynamic range
sgolaySavitzky-Golay filter design
sgolayfiltSavitzky-Golay filtering
shiftdataShift data to operate on specified dimension
sinSine of argument in radians
sinadSignal to noise and distortion ratio
sincSinc function
singleCast coefficients of digital filter to single precision
slewrateSlew rate of bilevel waveform
smoothdataSmooth noisy data
snrSignal-to-noise ratio
sos2cellConvert second-order sections matrix to cell array
sos2ssConvert digital filter second-order section parameters to state-space form
sos2tfConvert digital filter second-order section data to transfer function form
sos2zpConvert digital filter second-order section parameters to zero-pole-gain form
sosfiltSecond-order (biquadratic) IIR digital filtering
spectrogramSpectrogram using short-time Fourier transform
splineCubic spline data interpolation
sptoolOpen interactive digital signal processing tool
squareSquare wave
ssConvert digital filter to state-space representation
ss2sosConvert digital filter state-space parameters to second-order sections form
ss2tfConvert state-space representation to transfer function
ss2zpConvert state-space filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form
statelevels State-level estimation for bilevel waveform with histogram method
stdStandard deviation
stemPlot discrete sequence data
stepzStep response of digital filter
stmcbCompute linear model using Steiglitz-McBride iteration
stripsStrip plot
tachorpmExtract RPM signal from tachometer pulses
taylorwinTaylor window
tfConvert digital filter to transfer function
tf2latcConvert transfer function filter parameters to lattice filter form
tf2sosConvert digital filter transfer function data to second-order sections form
tf2ssConvert transfer function filter parameters to state-space form
tf2zpConvert transfer function filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form
tf2zpkConvert transfer function filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form
tfestimateTransfer function estimate
tfridgeTime-frequency ridges
thdTotal harmonic distortion
toiThird-order intercept point
triangTriangular window
tripulsSampled aperiodic triangle
tsaTime-synchronous signal average
tukeywinTukey (tapered cosine) window
udecodeDecode 2n-level quantized integer inputs to floating-point outputs
uencodeQuantize and encode floating-point inputs to integer outputs
undershoot Undershoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions
unshiftdataInverse of shiftdata
unwrapCorrect phase angles to produce smoother phase plots
upfirdnUpsample, apply FIR filter, and downsample
upsampleIncrease sampling rate by integer factor
vcoVoltage controlled oscillator
wvtoolOpen Window Visualization Tool
xcorr22-D cross-correlation
xspectrogramCross-spectrogram using short-time Fourier transforms
yulewalkRecursive digital filter design
zerophaseZero-phase response of digital filter
zp2sosConvert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to second-order sections form
zp2ssConvert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to state-space form
zp2tfConvert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to transfer function form
zpkConvert digital filter to zero-pole-gain representation
zplaneZero-pole plot
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