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Designing Filters Using Command Line Functions

You can specify and design filters at the command line using designfilt. The use of designfilt provides a powerful and efficient way to specify and implement digital filters.

As an example, consider a lowpass filter for data sampled at 20 kHz. The desired passband frequency is 1 kHz with a stopband frequency of 1.2 kHz. Limit the passband ripple to 1 dB and require 60 dB of attenuation between the passband and stopband frequencies.

Fs = 20000;
Fp = 1000;
Fst = 1200;
Ap = 1;
Ast = 60;

Design an equiripple FIR filter and a Butterworth IIR filter.

FIR = designfilt('lowpassfir', ...
    'PassbandFrequency',Fp,'StopbandFrequency',Fst, ...
    'PassbandRipple',Ap,'StopbandAttenuation',Ast, ...

IIR = designfilt('lowpassiir', ...
    'PassbandFrequency',Fp,'StopbandFrequency',Fst, ...
    'PassbandRipple',Ap,'StopbandAttenuation',Ast, ...

Display the magnitude responses of the filters.

hfvt = fvtool(FIR,IIR);
axis([0 2 -70 10])

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