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Parametric Spectral Estimation

Burg, Yule-Walker, covariance, and modified covariance methods

Use parametric methods based on autoregressive models to estimate spectra.


findpeaksFind local maxima
pburgAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — Burg’s method
pcovAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — covariance method
pmcovAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — modified covariance method
pyulearAutoregressive power spectral density estimate — Yule-Walker method
dbConvert energy or power measurements to decibels
db2magConvert decibels to magnitude
db2powConvert decibels to power
mag2dbConvert magnitude to decibels
pow2dbConvert power to decibels


Parametric Methods

Learn about the Burg, Yule-Walker, covariance, and modified covariance methods of nonparametric spectral estimation.

Autoregressive PSD Object to Function Replacement Syntax

Replace calls to autoregressive psd objects with function calls.

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