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Bartlett window


w = bartlett(L)


w = bartlett(L) returns an L-point Bartlett window in the column vector w, where L must be a positive integer. The coefficients of a Bartlett window are computed as follows:


The window length L=N+1.

The Bartlett window is very similar to a triangular window as returned by the triang function. The Bartlett window always has zeros at the first and last samples, however, while the triangular window is nonzero at those points. For L odd, the center L - 2 points of bartlett(L) are equivalent to triang(L-2).

    Note   If you specify a one-point window (set L = 1), the value 1 is returned.


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Create a 64-point Bartlett window. Display the result using wvtool.

L = 64;
bw = bartlett(L);


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Introduced before R2006a

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