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Discrete-time, lattice allpass filter


Hd = dfilt.latticeallpass(k)
Hd = dfilt.latticeallpass


Hd = dfilt.latticeallpass(k) returns a discrete-time, lattice allpass filter, Hd, with lattice coefficients, k.

Hd = dfilt.latticeallpass returns a default, discrete-time, lattice allpass filter, Hd, with k=[ ]. This filter passes the input through to the output unchanged.

The resulting filter states column vector Hd.States is



Form a third-order lattice allpass filter structure for a dfilt object, Hd, using the following lattice coefficients:

k = [.66 .7 .44];
Hd = dfilt.latticeallpass(k)

Introduced before R2006a

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