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Information about digital filter




s = info(d) returns a character array with information about the digital filter, d.


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Design a lowpass FIR filter with normalized passband frequency $0.4\pi$ rad/sample and normalized stopband frequency $0.45\pi$ rad/sample. Obtain information about the filter just designed.

d = designfilt('lowpassfir','PassbandFrequency',0.4,'StopbandFrequency',0.45);
s = info(d)
s =

FIR Digital Filter (real)                   
Filter Length  : 81                         
Stable         : Yes                        
Linear Phase   : Yes (Type 1)               
Design Method Information                   
Design Algorithm : Equiripple               
Design Specifications                       
Sample Rate     : N/A (normalized frequency)
Response        : Lowpass                   
Specification   : Fp,Fst,Ap,Ast             
Stopband Edge   : 0.45                      
Stopband Atten. : 60 dB                     
Passband Ripple : 1 dB                      
Passband Edge   : 0.4                       

Input Arguments

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Digital filter, specified as a digitalFilter object. Use designfilt to generate a digital filter based on frequency-response specifications.

Example: d = designfilt('lowpassiir','FilterOrder',3,'HalfPowerFrequency',0.5) specifies a third-order Butterworth filter with normalized 3-dB frequency 0.5π rad/sample.

Output Arguments

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Information table, returned as a character array.

Introduced in R2014a

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