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Filter Visualization Tool

Connection between FVTool and SPTool

You can use the Filter Visualization Tool to analyze response characteristics of the selected filter(s). See fvtool for detailed information about FVTool.

If you start FVTool by clicking the SPTool Filter View button, that FVTool is linked to SPTool. Any changes made in SPTool to the filter are immediately reflected in FVTool. The FVTool title bar includes "SPTool" to indicate the link.

If you start an FVTool by clicking the New button or by selecting File > New from within FVTool, that FVTool is a standalone version and is not linked to SPTool.


Every time you click the Filter View button a new, linked FVTool starts. This allows you to view multiple analyses simultaneously.

Opening the Filter Visualization Tool

You open FVTool from SPTool as follows.

  1. Select one or more filters in the Filters list in SPTool.

  2. Click the View button under the Filters list.

When you first open FVTool, it displays the selected filter's magnitude plot.

Analysis Parameters

In the plot area of any filter response plot, right-click and select Analysis Parameters to display details about the displayed plot. See Analysis Parameters in the Filter Designer online help for more information.

You can change any parameter in a linked FVTool, except the sampling frequency. You can only change the sampling frequency using the SPTool Edit > Sampling Frequency or the SPTool Filters Edit button.

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