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Saving and Loading Sessions

SPTool Sessions

When you start SPTool, the default startup.spt session is loaded. To save your work in the startup SPTool session, use File > Save Session or to specify a session name, use File > Save Session As.

To recall a previously saved session, use File > Open Session.

Filter Formats

When you start SPTool or open a session, the current filter design format preference is compared to the filter formats in the session. See Setting Preferences.

  • If the formats match, the session opens.

  • If the filter preference is FDATool, but the session contains Filter Designer filters, this warning displays:

    Click Convert to convert the filters to FDATool format. Click Don't Use FDATool to leave the filters in Filter Designer format and change the preference to Use Filter Designer.

  • If the filter preference is Use Filter Designer, but the session contains FDATool filters, this warning displays:

    Click Yes to remove the current filters. Click No to leave the filters in FDATool.

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