Setting Preferences

Overview of Setting Preferences

Use File > Preferences to customize displays and certain parameters for SPTool and its four component GUIs. If you change any preferences, a dialog box displays when you close SPTool asking if you want to save those changes. If you click Yes, the new settings are saved on disk and are used when you restart SPTool from the MATLAB® workspace.

    Note   You can set MATLAB preferences that affect the Filter Visualization Tool only from within FVTool by selecting File > Preferences. You can set FVTool-specific preferences using Analysis > Analysis Parameters.

When you first select Preferences, the Preferences dialog box opens with Markers selected by default.

Change any marker settings, if desired. To change settings for another category, click its name in the category list to display its settings. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Details of the Filter Design options are described below.

Summary of Settable Preferences

In the Preferences regions, you can

Setting the Filter Design Tool

The Filter Designer options include radio buttons to select the filter design tool.

FDATool is the default and recommended tool. You can use Filter Designer, but Filter Designer will be removed in a future release. You cannot change this preference if either FDATool or the Filter Designer is open.

    Note   Filters in any one SPTool session must be in the same format — either FDATool format or Filter Designer format. You can convert filters from the Filter Designer format to FDATool format, but you cannot convert FDATool filters to Filter Designer format.

If you change the preference from Use FDATool to Use Filter Designer, a warning message appears. The warning message informs you that filters created with FDATool are not compatible with Filter Designer and that Filter Designer will be removed in the future.

See Saving and Loading Sessions for more information.

When you change the preference from Use Filter Designer to Use FDATool, a confirmation message appears indicating that switching will convert your filters to FDATool format. See Saving and Loading Sessions for information on this message.

Changes to Filter Designer format are saved only if you save the session. Exiting the session prompts you to save changes to the sigprefs.mat and startup.spt files. Starting SPTool with Filter Designer specified as the filter design tool results in the warning:

The warning appears each time SPTool initializes unless you opt to not show the warning.

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