SPTool: An Interactive Signal Processing Environment

SPTool Overview

SPTool is an interactive GUI for digital signal processing used to

  • Analyze signals

  • Design filters

  • Analyze (view) filters

  • Filter signals

  • Analyze signal spectra

You can accomplish these tasks using four GUIs that you access from within SPTool:

  • The Signal Browser is for analyzing signals. You can also play signals using your computer's audio hardware.

  • fdatool is available for designing or editing FIR and IIR digital filters. Most Signal Processing Toolbox™ filter design methods available at the command line are also available in FDATool. Additionally, you can use FDATool to design a filter by using the Pole/Zero Editor to graphically place poles and zeros on the z-plane.

  • The Filter Visualization Tool (FVTool) is for analyzing filter characteristics.

  • The Spectrum Viewer is for spectral analysis. You can use Signal Processing Toolbox spectral estimation methods to estimate the power spectral density of a signal.

SPTool Data Structures

You can use SPTool to analyze signals, filters, or spectra that you create at the MATLAB® command line.

You can bring signals, filters, or spectra from the MATLAB workspace into the SPTool workspace using File > Import. For more information, see Importing Filters and Spectra. Signals, filters, or spectra that you create in (or import into) the SPTool workspace exist as MATLAB structures. See the MATLAB documentation for more information on MATLAB structures.

When you use File > Export to save signals, filters, and spectra that you create or modify in SPTool, these are also saved as MATLAB structures. For more information on exporting, see Exporting Signals, Filters, and Spectra.

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