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Hamming, Blackman, Bartlett, Chebyshev, Taylor, Kaiser

Design, visualize, and implement window functions. Compare mainlobe widths and sidelobe levels of windows as a function of their size and other parameters.


barthannwin Modified Bartlett-Hann window
bartlett Bartlett window
blackman Blackman window
blackmanharris Minimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window
bohmanwin Bohman window
chebwin Chebyshev window
enbw Equivalent noise bandwidth
flattopwin Flat top weighted window
gausswin Gaussian window
hamming Hamming window
hann Hann (Hanning) window
kaiser Kaiser window
nuttallwin Nuttall-defined minimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window
parzenwin Parzen (de la Vallée Poussin) window
rectwin Rectangular window
taylorwin Taylor window
triang Triangular window
tukeywin Tukey (tapered cosine) window
wvtool Open Window Visualization Tool
dpss Discrete prolate spheroidal (Slepian) sequences
dpssclear Remove discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database
dpssdir Discrete prolate spheroidal sequences database directory
dpssload Load discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database
dpsssave Discrete prolate spheroidal or Slepian sequence database


Window Designer Design and analyze spectral windows



Learn about spectral windows and how to analyze them using toolbox functions.

Generalized Cosine Windows

Blackman, flat top, Hamming, Hann, and rectangular windows are all special cases of the generalized cosine window.

Kaiser Window

The Kaiser window is designed to maximize the ratio of mainlobe energy to sidelobe energy.

Chebyshev Window

The Chebyshev window minimizes the mainlobe width for a particular sidelobe level and exhibits equiripple sidelobe behavior.

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