Build Models

Represent dynamics of mechanistic systems biology models, or PKPD systems


sbiomodel Construct model object
sbioroot Return SimBiology root object
sbioreset Delete all model objects
sbioselect Search for objects with specified constraints
sbiolastwarning SimBiology last warning message
sbiolasterror SimBiology last error message
addcompartment Create compartment object
addspecies Create species object and add to compartment object within model object
addparameter Create parameter object and add to model or kinetic law object
addreaction Create reaction object and add to model object
addrule Create rule object and add to model object
addevent Add event object to model object
verify Validate and verify SimBiology model


Model object Model and component information
Compartment object Options for compartments
Species object Options for compartment species
Parameter object Parameter and scope information
Reaction object Options for model reactions
KineticLaw object Kinetic law information for reaction
Rule object Hold rule for species and parameters
Event object Store event information
Root object Hold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries
PKModelDesign object Helper object to construct pharmacokinetic model
PKCompartment object Used by PKModelDesign to create SimBiology model
PKModelMap object Define SimBiology model components' roles
construct Construct SimBiology model from PKModelDesign object
addCompartment Add compartment to PKModelDesign object
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