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Deploy SimBiology® models for standalone applications

Create standalone applications to simulate SimBiology models on target computers that do not have MATLAB® and SimBiology installed. Create applications by running the mcc command or using the Create App option from a simulation task using the SimBiology desktop.

To run standalone applications, install the MATLAB Runtime. For more information, see Download and Install the MATLAB Runtime. Standalone applications run on Windows®, Linux®, and Mac.


export Export SimBiology models for deployment and standalone applications
SimBiology.export.Model.simulate Simulate exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.Model.accelerate Prepare exported SimBiology model for acceleration


SimBiology.export.Model Exported SimBiology model object


Deploy a SimBiology Model

This example shows how to deploy a graphical application that simulates a SimBiology model.

Create Standalone Applications using SimBiology Desktop

You can create standalone applications for model distribution and simulation from the SimBiology desktop.

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