Extend Modeling Environment

Define custom kinetic laws, units, and unit prefixes


sbioaddtolibrary Add to user-defined library
sbioremovefromlibrary Remove kinetic law, unit, or unit prefix from library
sbiocopylibrary Copy library to disk
sbioroot Return SimBiology root object
sbioreset Delete all model objects
sbioabstractkineticlaw Create kinetic law definition
sbiounit Create user-defined unit
sbiounitprefix Create user-defined unit prefix
sbioshowunits Show units in library
sbioshowunitprefixes Show unit prefixes in library
sbioconvertunits Convert unit and unit value to new unit
sbiounitcalculator Convert value between units


Root object Hold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries
AbstractKineticLaw object Kinetic law information in library
Unit object Hold information about user-defined unit
UnitPrefix object Hold information about user-defined unit prefix


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